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Customizable Look and Feel

Customizable Look and Feel

Every one want their website to look its best. A look and feel designed by ARM MLM ensures your market position in three ways: a professional appearance, high contrast and superior recognition. In a custom look & amp feel, the standard components, like buttons, colors, and images can be changed with your design in mind.

Fully Featured Dashboard

Fully Featured Dashboard

We provide you, interactive dashboard that lets you view earning reports, latest registered members, payment received, site statistics, latest added FAQ, and everything in between. Your dashboard also includes inline tips, key information and useful links to make sure you get the best from your store. Now you can follow up with precise detail with intelligence dashboard about your site.



Website security is an utmost priority and all website forms are protected. ARM MLM provides a number of security mechanisms like databases are secured via username/password protection and potentially sensitive information is secured using encryption algorithms. This is highly secured for the administrator. No hacker could hack any details from this site.



One of ARM MLM greatest strengths is its flexibility of use and ability to adapt to almost any type of database environment. This makes ARM MLM one of the most user-friendly web-based applications on the internet. With any system flexibility combined with ease of use is key. ARM MLM has combined flexibility with practical options. So you don’t spend all your time in setting the site up.

Simple yet Powerful

Simple yet Powerful

What makes ARM MLM “simple”, it’s easy-to-use user interface and automation features. All options and settings are available directly from the intuitive admin & amp user interface. It provides wizards for common tasks such as setting up matrix, level commission, manage users, to view transaction history etc. ARM MLM offers the highest product quality and most features for the lower cost. Novice users can have their MLM site up and running correctly, securely in on time.

Free Technical Support and Upgrades for 3 months

Free Technical Support And Upgrades For 3 Months

ARM MLM offers the most flexible and cost-effective tech support and upgrade options. Product price includes free upgrades and sample free technical support and security upgrades for 3 months. You can upgrade to latest version by spending minute amount. We will provide you with flexible and cost-effective upgrade choices.

Various Marketing Material support

Various Marketing Material Support

We offer a wide range of marketing materials for our customers and partners to use. These marketing materials include: banners, text ads, email templates, videos, splash pages, download materials, pop up and more. Member can access and download all of our promotional materials through the member backend.

Full control on system

Full control on system

The ARM MLM offering an extensive administrative back end which provides one integrated view of all transaction activity, users, settings, matrix setup, products etc. With our friendly administrative panel, managing online MLM business is fast and simple.Change everything from the opening meta tags to the footer content. Control your site’s look and feel via our powerful admin panel.

Professional Webmaster Team

Professional Webmaster Team

Have no time to configure everything on your own? Want to customize your website beyond the given limits or add some functionality which is not available through control panel? Let our experienced webmasters do that for you. You can always hire for your project. We believe our employees make the difference and we encourage their professional development through training programs.

Powerful SEO Tools to manage 1

Powerful Tools to Manage

ARM MLM is loaded with SEO friendly tools and options to help you manage your business better. All content pages on your ARM MLM web site contain clean URLs that are easily indexed and read. You have full control over the meta tags of your pages, including the ability to add meta tags, meta keywords and meta description from admin panel.

Packed with Features

Packed with Features

Setup any business plans, product download, variety of promotional materials support, database backup and restore facility, replicated Websites, autoresponder integration facility, Email downline, epin, ewallet management, shopping cart, backup & amp restore, form builder, facebook, twitter, payment gateway, and multi ecurrencies support.

Easily Build MLM site in Minutes

Easily Build MLM site in Minutes

We provide easiest way to get your MLM business website online. Creating your website with ARM MLM is a simple, intuitive process. Just add MLM Plans, edit your website’s content and arrange your content, add payment gateway details, upload promotional materials, set up mail and features that you want then publish it for the world to see.

Professional Support Service

Professional Support Service

We’re committed to supporting you every step of the way. Contact our customer care team as you require. Our entire customer care team responds to help request in under 1 hour. Our entire company is dedicated to customer support.Live Chat Support – ARM MLM offers live chat support during weekdays from 9amto 7pm IST.

Free installation of the script on your server1

Free installation of the script on your server

ARM MLM offers hassle free installation service, at no extra charge, for all ARM MLM script license holders. We automatically install the software in your hosting account in 5 to 6 hours time. The free installation service is only for one time. In order to avail this offer contact our support team.

Quick and Easy to Install

Quick and Easy to Install

Installing ARM MLM on your server is really simple. Simply upload the files, visit your website and you will be taken through the installation wizard. Once the installation finishes your site will be setup and ready to go. Even beginners can install the site in minutes.

Promotional Materials

Now a days large numbers of marketing tools have been developed to attract and retain customers, which is one of the key to success in MLM Business. Promotional tools management in ARM MLM script is quite easy and we offer different types of promotional materials like text ads, banner ads and videos. Your customers can choose which they like.

Banner Ads

banner ad

Banner adverts can help to achieve more website traffic and increase sales. It is the most cost effective ways of promoting referral link.

text ad rev1

Text Ads

Text Ads advertising on sites can be more cost effective than other forms of advertising. It is easy for customer to promote and get sign up.

pop-up rev 1

Pop Up Ads

Pop Up Ads are an effective way to offer special promotions to your customers.


Website security is an utmost priority and all website forms are protected. ARM MLM provides a number of security mechanisms including databases are secured via username/password protection and potentially sensitive information is secured using encryption algorithms. This is highly secured for the administrator. No hacker could hack any details from this site.

Unique User Name & Password

Each User will have their own User Name for logging into their application. No two User Names can be alike and any member that forgets their Password, which can be quickly reset it by using forget password option.

Transaction Password

Transaction Password can be configured that serve as an authentication layer during payout request and fund transfer between members.

Full HTTPS/SSL Support Included

Our secure payment pages are fully encrypted with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection to protect your sensitive data as well as that of your customers.

Captcha Image Validation

All secure forms and logins are protected from breach with a captcha verification image.

Secure Backoffice Access

When accessing the administration area, the administrator is required to enter their user name, password and entire captcha to login. If their password has been lost, you can email is to retrieve your password.

Support Management

ARM MLM provides online tools that you need to handle your customer service requests to work faster and more efficiently. With ARM MLM support tools, it will be easy to handle the tickets, and priorities to ensure that every service request receives proper attention. Customers will be able to see what is happening with their issues, and you will be able to deliver a higher level of service and support to them. To ensure your customers to get accurate and timely responses, ARM MLM provides tools that you will need to assist them.

Ticket Management Ticket Management
Ticket Management, allow you to easily manage a volume of tickets. Enable sub admin / admin to reply to the customer ticket and user can track details about customer interactions.
FAQ functionality is built into MLM script, facilitating the configuration of frequently asked questions and their resolutions available for clients.

Communication Tools

Bulk mail and newsletters new1

Our MLM script administrative console helps you to brand your site using a powerful tool like news section. The News Management feature allows for easy news publishing and without any knowledge of programming or HTML.

The News Management section provides a listing of all news added within the website. Within the News Management section, news can be add, edit and delete. It’s a good way to promote your site online and to inform your members on what is going on in this site, regarding updates and offers.

The core of any successful organizing is a well-thought-out communications outreach strategy.


ARM MLM communication tools provide the versatility to get the most return from your efforts

  • Bulk Email Newsletter.
  • Mail Management.
  • Subscribers.
  • Compose and Reply.

Bulk Email Newsletters

Administrators can compose and send bulk email messages to specific users or all users. When composing a bulk mail, you will first enter the subject and body of the mail, and then click who to send it to; you can select all the members or selected members.

Mail Management

Our ARM MLM software solutions provide a simple way to manage the content of emails sent out to customers. Through Mail Management you will be able to manage all the various emails that are sent by MLM system. You can modify the content of that email by clicking edit option.


The visitor may have the change to get the fact of information related the site, simply handshake with subscribe option, the relevant invocation details are updated by admin through subscription. Admin send the information to Subscribers, the subscribed list are available to admin for their precedence.

Compose and Reply

Concealed over the member mail can process to each others, that is member can send and receive the mail from each others. Same way admin can able to handle the mail process to member vice versa from member. If anything emerge to get from admin, member can subscribe with mail connects to admin one and the other remarkably.


Change the Look and Feel

Change the Look and Feel

You can easily customize many of ARM MLM features with powerful admin control panel. But if you need to take it to an even further degree, our MLM software can be customized even further. You can change the look and feel by editing the CSS. From our powerful admin panel you can change things like your company logo, copyrights, banners, URL, etc.

Language Packs

Language Packs

To make editing your website text as easy as possible, we have separated all text displayed in the website and placed option in admin panel to edit, customize and/or create new language for your website.

Template Tags

Template Tags

ARM MLM template system allows you to easily insert predefined tags in Newsletter, Mail Subjects through our WYSIWYG editor.

On/Off Settings

On-Off Settings
To make customizing your website as easy as possible, we have built in lots of on/off settings allowing you to turn on/off different elements on your website from being displayed.

Add your own logo and banners

Add you logo

Use our site settings to easily upload logo and banner images to your website.



WYSIWYG is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get. WYSIWYG is a feature of ARM MLM software that allows formatting ad texts in editor with secure and powerful formatting capabilities. WYSIWYG is mainly used to add formatting to the pages contents by applying different fonts, embedding pictures and making the field data look pretty. Content displayed during editing appears very similar to the final output.

System Setting

The System Settings area of ARM MLM back office allows users to update your site settings, payment settings, meta settings etc. Admin and subadmin who have been given access to this area can change their settings and more.

Login Information
For Database setting connection is configured with required basic details, you may change the user name and password settings right here with database configuration. You have the option to set or change the user name and password in efficient manner.
Time Zones
The time zone is more essentials which is varied one, so have to concentrate to make those setting set up the time zone while making with the button clicks.
Date Format
In order to display the date format in an efficiently to place the correct format here, which is foremost thing for time zones also.
Automatic or Manual
Setup the automatic flow over processes here itself, the setting approval may be the manual or automatic, based on the system setting it will reflect on the every process took over the system.
system settings

Feature Highlights

  • Set and update your overall MLM site settings.
  • Turn captcha on and off.
  • Set your admin mail id, site name, upload logo, meta tags and more.
  • Create or update your payment information for all payment gateways for making payment.

Search Engine Optimization


ARM MLM script has features such as the ability to add meta tags, meta descriptions and keywords for your site from the admin console. Our PHP MLM script a is search engine friendly allowing pages to be indexed by all major search engines and that brings you a good result when customers are searching via search engines.

SEO Built in

ARM MLM includes everything you need to rank highly in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Title and header tags.
  • Meta descriptions and keywords.
  • Search engine friendly links.
  • W3C compliant pages.

Multi Language

Make use of more than one languages with your business. Admin can add N number of languages and translate each words from admin backend itself. Admin can set the country flag and display it on front page. There is no circumscription for particular language. Able to add lot of languages as per the wish.


Our script lining with Multi Language supports, having more privilege to set the option in both member panel and admin panel, based on the client sufficient it will be placed.

The whole site display having multilingual support that is able access in Multi Language, admin can able to make ‘N’ number of language in admin panel and also embrace with two options as active /suspend. Respective language can be able to be active or suspend as per the preferences.

The site has disparate number of user for all their convenience, the admin can compose the arrangement to send the Newsletter with multilingual support. Admin can endowed to compose the Newsletter in Multi Language and send to all users from admin panel.

Admin can able to create N number of languages to be create. For every language there is the setting for easy translation and clarity in languages will be accomplished. There is no more unconstrained for on Multi Language creation option. Countless language will able to add in admin panel.

Accessible words with easy take over are on translation influences with accurate language translation for all languages which has created by admin. Advance search over of the site with particular word will be come on proper translation for each and every word. The whole site wording will be furnished easily get it as like from module wise and also show off pages too on admin panel.

Proper translation for text will make the site more fitted. That is the point of notification to display the text alright with all language makes a translation with more exactitude display.

Content Management is separately amended with text in content in all language correctly, admin can apt to place the content for all languages that are N number of language with worthy translation of one another content effectively.


Settings are the important for a website, through which only you can implement the business idea. We can say Settings is a heart of a website. Settings module gives you the power to easily modify matrix type, enable or disable the payment gateway, level commission, meta tag, payment, pop up settings etc.

  • You can set up different email id for contact us, sign up and email id.
  • Show or Hide the content management page displaying in the index page.
  • Set the matrix type and the commission method.
  • Offers you to add N number of levels.
  • Enable or hide a payment gateway.
  • Mete settings allows you to add meta title, keyword for each language.
  • You can minimum withdraw amount, maximum withdraw, admin commission, number of withdraw allowed in a month using general settings.
  • Member settings allow you to set the default sponsor for the site and registration fee.

Content Management

Managing and updating your site’s content incredibly simple. WYSIWYG editor included in ARM MLM CMS allows admin to focus on communicating well to their target audience in online. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows you to see the final results of your work right away. It is easy to use for website admin can add text, highlight it, change fonts and colors, insert image, change the text space and direction. In short, you can do anything you need with the content.

  • Easy Editing.
  • HTML WYSIWYG editor = What You See Is What You Get.
  • Update content easily.
  • No prior programming knowledge required – no need to know what HTML code looks like overview.
content management Rev 1 opt 1

Content Management module enables you to update content for the page. The links of the content pages will be displayed in footer or header section of front end display.

Content pages are Business/Compensation Plan, Feed Backs, About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy etc.


Reporting is important in today’s business environment. Without analysis you will not know, whether your site is running smoothly or not. Admin need tools that are flexible, which allowing you to manage each users history, transaction history and commission. That’s why ARM MLM has Reporting feature that allows tracking of each user performance, commission, transaction that are taking place daily in the site. You can even view all transaction details of single user at once. Here simply click on the user name for which you need to see full details; it will list details like personal details, genealogy, referral details, commission history etc.

All of the reporting tools are designed to help you easily to get at the critical data which you need.



From here every aspect of the site can be controlled. On login in to admin backend the dashboard is presented which at a glance shows real time site statistics as well as notifications for things such as payout request, commission calculation, registration, and bonus. An overview of your site statistics is available left on log in. Site statistics summary indicating your total user joined in the site, total income of the site, total income per month etc. A quick glance on the bottom shows the recent members registered in the site. You can also quickly view the last news that has been added in your site.

Reports for Transaction, commission, payouts etc.


All the money transaction happening on the site can be viewed using the backend admin panel. There are options to search the records based on date, payment gateway and user name. View comprehensive reports for commissions, registration details, payouts request, special rewards etc. All reports can be filtered to specific users and transaction id. Each report will give much more detailed information including date, transaction id, payment status, username, amount, type and description.

Export Financial History

Export-Financial-History-This feature will enable you to download transaction / withdraw history from your ARM MLM admin panel backend to excel. This will enable offline viewing for ease of preparation of accounts.

Sub admin Management


Multiple sub admin users can be added to your site and assigned customized roles. Administrators can define and assign modules such as referral, settings, user management, content, transaction, payment management etc. They can grant access for each module. Rights can be assigned to an entire site, or even to an individual module. Individual users may belong to more than one group. Below are listed some of the key security features. You can define an unlimited number of Sub admin Separate username and password will be created, restrictions will apply by each module.

Flexible Permission Settings

Admin can provide the accessibility of privileges to sub admin with limited access is Flexible permission setting that is sub admin will allow to access with certain module only authorized to handover with particular module alone which makes the flexible permission from admin to sub admin.

Unlimited Sub admin account

Admin can fabricate the numerous sub admin for separate accessibility that is able to generate N number of sub admin privileges with accessible allowances, once the sub admin creates by admin their user name and password will be conveyed to sub admin via email by admin. For every sub admin allowance of user name and password will be notified like this arrival.

Activity Logs

Admin can monitor each and every move of sub admin in activity logs. Admin can able to notify the access while sub admin make a login to admin account activity log includes with all information of sub admin accessibility have over with which module it will prospect by admin with all promontory.

Manage Sub admin

For admin management purposes it can easily frame sub admin and manage it hand over it in admin control. Admin can view / edit / delete the sub admin accounts any time. The activities of sub admin is always notable by admin for any period of time and over sight controlled with admin control itself.

Integrated Payment System

ARM MLM PHP Script is integrated with a large number of online payment gateways. We support the most popular payment gateways, including 2Checkout, Payza , LR, bank wire etc. We can also do any payment gateway integration that is suitable for your business under customization.

  • Protect your business and your customers with multiple security layers. We have used IPN process for all payment gateways.
  • Please note that you must have a merchant account to use gateway services.
Secure Online Payment
Our Online payment insist with Payza, STP. You can able to make an secure transaction through it on time.
Acquire Manual Payment
Admin can take over manual (off-line) payments such as Wire Transfer from user; admin can manually approve the payments easily from the admin panel proper settings.
Extensible Subscription and packages
User can pick up the Packages or Subscription and period of time is monthly as like that same way registration/upgrade contains with respective packages.
Secure and Safe
ARM MLM Software is designed to handle payments via secure IPN process and also it never store payment data on site.
Transaction logging
All transactions are recorded and logged in database and the logs are easy to search via the transaction module in admin panel.

Need something else?
Just let us know. We take all feedback seriously, and try to add features according to your needs.

Easy to Use Member Panel

Profile Editor


User can able to maintain their profile with their account details including personal information and have the easy editable option, which handover with their modification and place the fact of information on profile will show the availability of their own information on appearance.

Transaction History


The flow of transaction process is taking place on member panel in transaction history will show all transaction details may have the ability to get the deposit, interest earning, commission and so on. For every move of transaction is placed in the transaction history for user monitoring process.

View and Purchase Products


Without having glance on the product view no one take it for value, here user can able to view the product and get the respective product selection. Product listing and embracing for acquirement of user availability.

Change Password Tool


A feature which allowing the member to change or modify their password and renew with their previous password and able to set it much complication of security purposes.

Manage Promotional Tools


For ambitious presentation of services or product user can pass over the promotional activities and send forth the attention towards the site getting the reference of investors and visitors.

Subscription Manager


Everyone having interest to collect the informative site with details, the visitor have the option to subscribe with site to get the proper information regarding the site at all. Admin have the responsibility to update the subscribed user. Subscription manager can able to handle over it efficiently.

View and Refer Referrals


The lineup of referrals with records of commission from the site. Member can view their downline members and available to see the level of commission earned with their details, the console of member referrals personate on the part of the member panel.

Private Messaging System


Conveying the information with their friends on the site and admin. Member move with private message, they can able to passover the converse on the member messaging system to others members on the site and can able to notify the information through messaging system.

Password Recovery by Email


May have the chance to lose the password memorize in some time and there is no need of disappearance for site login. It can be recovered it and get the password from admin with instant mail. Admin can be send recovered password details to the respective requested member given email.

Tell A Friend


Always everyone take the idea of friends suggestion, here also member can able to send the invitation to their friends to make their responsibility of predictive investments . In the appearance of user’s friend as new arrival and bring out the investment from the referral member will receive referral commission.

Enhanced Form Validation


Manageable Required Field

Composition of mandatory or required field management meanwhile of registration phase is setup by admin, which can able to prescribe and decide the necessary mandatory field on form submission in registration step.


Effortless catch on from errors

User simply have the idea of marked fields with their submission, If it’s not filled up or place wrong submission having the alert of invalid fields and values showing the proper form submission.


CAPTCHA assurance

In order to check the submission doing on site by manual or any other web advanced technique. You can able to appears the captcha in registration settings simply mark the status as ON, which is the optional one make use of security basis.


Easy to Manage Reply mail

Admin can compose the mail content while make an change with the mail subject by using WYSIWYG editor, which frame the content with editable format styles showing more glossary effect on the content to simply create the attention toward the mail on easy way.