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Replicated Website

Affiliates always emerge to promote the product the right choice of them is Replicating website if they haven’t authorized with their own site to place the Banners, replicate site are alertness way of affiliate promotional activities.

Our team creating replicated websites provides distributors with more than just a method for tracking and supporting sales activities. Distributors take ownership in their replicated website it creates a special bond with the company. To increase that bond, you can also offer the option to personalize their site.

Replicated Website Features provides an opportunity for each member to have a personalized web site with a minimum of effort and maximum results.

The Replicated website URL, using variables like {$username} will create personalized page for each of your members. Members can even register a domain name and use the domain masking feature to point a regular dot com URL to their replicated website. Replicated sites are important for building a strong marketing identity. Members will have immediate access to begin marketing their replicated site, recruiting other members will lead to greater lead retention.

Replicating website make more sense on MLM and affiliate concept, once the new member comes under the down lines will receive the respective user id which is consumed as replicated user name make the replicate site with user friendly and SEO friendly oriented with simply user interface.

More attention toward the promotional areas using affiliate, each member under the down line will receive the benefits of their business promotions it will be expected more elevation on the business promotional activities and also features like testimonial features.Our team designers, and programmers ensure that your experience working with us is both memorable and profitable. Your replicated websites allow you and your business partners to make more success.

Replicated Website

Here are some special features and benefits of our replication systems:

  • SIMPLE, EASY and POWERFUL: Automate Website Replication AND New Sign ups In Real Time
  • Provide Them with Tools to Monitor Success
  • Save Time and Money
  • Unlimited Capture Pages with easy HTML controls
  • Unlimited Affiliates – sign up
  • Provide a Replicated Website to Your Members
  • Entice New Team Members
  • Fully Customizable to meet any requirements.

More Features

Genealogy Genealogy

ARM MLM facilities to view the downlines in Genealogy view, You can easyily view and manage the downlines details

Commissions Commissions

Commission structure can be defined for each level, and make the structure could be a strong MLM feature that motivates your affiliates

Multi Language Multi Language

Make use of more than one languages with your business, Admin can add N number of languages and translate each words from admin Backend itself.

Multiple Currency Multiple Currency

ARM MLM supports multiple currencies to provide services to all global customers. Everyone has the ability to choose the currency they prefer.

Back Office Back Office

ARM MLM provides all the tools and able access downline genealogy, determine their current qualifications and current earnings, tracking the order

Fund Transfer Fund Transfer

In today’s modern world, people are always on move one place to another for fund transfer.Instant payment services are the immediate requirement for everyone.