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SMS Notification

ARM MLM comes with built-in SMS notification system that you can easily connect your third party sms service with.

You can send the following automated SMS to your customers


  • Register confirmations – sent to the customer once they made registration.
  • Earnings – sent to the customer when they earned commissions.
  • Payout – sent to the customer Once admin paid the Payout request.
  • Referral- sent to the customer when referral joined under you.
  • Administartor can edit the text of SMS notification and include dynamic data using Replacement Tags.

How it can help my business?

  • Reduces spam and stop bulk registrations.
  • Eliminates chargebacks, identity theft and other forms of online fraud.
  • Verifies user identity.
  • Ensures that account has valid phone number.

More Features

Multiple Currency Multiple Currency

ARM MLM supports multiple currencies to provide services to all global customers. Everyone has the ability to choose the currency they prefer.

Commissions Commissions

Commission structure can be defined for each level, and make the structure could be a strong MLM feature that motivates your affiliates

Multi Language Multi Language

Make use of more than one languages with your business, Admin can add N number of languages and translate each words from admin Backend itself.

Genealogy Genealogy

ARM MLM facilities to view the downlines in Genealogy view, You can easyily view and manage the downlines details

Back Office Back Office

ARM MLM provides all the tools and able access downline genealogy, determine their current qualifications and current earnings, tracking the order

Fund Transfer Fund Transfer

In today’s modern world, people are always on move one place to another for fund transfer.Instant payment services are the immediate requirement for everyone.