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Monoline is called Straight Line, Linear , single leg or One-Legged Pay Plan.

What is most exciting in Linear plan is, everybody in the company is helping you succeed. It means that from the time you start everyone in the entire company comes in underneath you and is monetarily tied to you, therefore they make up for half of all the money you ever make.

What is completely different about the single Leg compensation plan is that it goes down in one straight-line. Everyone who enrolls after you is under you. There are no branches; no filling levels, just one straight-line, going down forever. Those who signed up before you will help you build your business

In the majority of MLM companies, the upline can make or break your chances for success. That cannot happen in a one legged plan since everyone is on the same team and running in the same leg.

You will get commission for every member join based on the plan/ package member purchases. Some company can offer commission when X new people are put into the line then the top most member in line “cycles” and get commission.